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Submission Guidelines:

Staple welcomes poems, short fiction, articles and reviews for consideration. Please send no more than six poems at a time. Short fiction and articles should, generally, be no more than 3000 words. Longer works of exceptional merit may be considered, but are liable to be judged on a sampling rather than complete reading in the first instance to ascertain suitability. Please ensure work is typed on A4 paper, and enclose an SAE of sufficient size and postage for return of submissions. If submitting from outside the UK you should include two IRCs. Please allow up to eight weeks for a response, though this may be longer, especially when work is under serious consideration and requires several readings before a final decision can be made.

Submissions and orders should be sent to:

Wayne Burrows, 114 – 116 St Stephen’s Road, Sneinton, Nottingham NG2 4JS

Reviews and books for review should be sent to:

C.J. Allen, 36 Penarth Rise, Mapperley, Nottingham NG5 4EE

(We would also refer you to our recent blog-post on Five Reasons Why A Writer’s Work Might Be Returned By An Editor…* for an overview of some of the more common reasons why perfectly good work can still be returned to its authors…)