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Staple 74: On Translation (Forthcoming, Date TBC)

Staple 74: On Translation will look at material drawn from other languages, cross-cultural transmissions and even the sense of writing itself as a way of ‘translating’ experience and feeling into text. Leading Slovak poet Mila Haugova is interviewed, Maria Jastrzebska and Ana Jelnikar translate poems by Iztok Osojnik, Ruth O’Callaghan reports back on the women poets of present-day Mongolia and Thomas Orszag-Land translates a selection of Miklos Radnoti’s Holocaust poems from the Hungarian. Elsewhere, Gregory Woods considers Flaubert and Rimbaud, Martin Stannard tackles the classical Chinese lyrics of Li Bai, John Lucas brings the 1950s Greek political Surrealism of M. Sachtouris into English and there are selections from Baudelaire translated by Jan Owen, Liliana Ursu by Mihaela Moscaliuc and Michael Waters, WD Jackson’s new version of Heine’s Almansor and lyrics from twentieth century Austrian poet Paula Ludwig by Martina Thomas. Alongside the translations there are also portraits of noted translators by Martin Parker, short stories by Jude Cook, Derrick Buttress and Ashley Stokes, and all the usual poems, reviews and features. It’s been a long time coming, but will be worth the wait!

Miklos Radnoti (from Staple 74: On Translation)

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