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Staple 74: On Translation (Forthcoming, Date TBC)

Staple 74: On Translation will look at material drawn from other languages, cross-cultural transmissions and even the sense of writing itself as a way of ‘translating’ experience and feeling into text. Leading Slovak poet Mila Haugova is interviewed, Maria Jastrzebska and Ana Jelnikar translate poems by Iztok Osojnik, Ruth O’Callaghan reports back on the women [...]

Staple Film-Poems Night at Phoenix Square

Along with Word! – the East Midlands’ longest-running spoken word night – last Tuesday evening saw four poets from Staple’s film themed issue performing their work with visuals by Word! resident film-maker Keith Allott in the cinema surroundings of Phoenix Square in Leicester. Lydia Towsey performed ‘Lovers at a Station’ to an animated ’score’ of [...]

Forward Prize Shortlisting for Best Single Poem

One of the highlights of Staple 72: The Music Issue has now been judged by Ruth Padel, Hugo Williams, Alex Clark, Dreadlockalien and Fiona Shaw – the panel behind the shortlists for the Forward Poetry Prizes 2011 – to be among the highlights of the year. Chris Jones’s ‘Sentences’ is a powerful short sequence drawing on his [...]

The Word!/Staple Film-Poems

On September 7th, Staple and Leicester’s leading spoken word night will collaborate in presenting the work of four poets (five, if we include one of the night’s regular comperes, Lydia Towsey, which we certainly should) devised to be performed alongside films created by Word’s resident film-maker, Keith Allott, the man behind the varied backdrops that colour and add [...]

Five Reasons Why A Writer’s Work Might Be Returned By An Editor…*

(*…that have nothing to do with whether it’s actually good enough for publication)
I’ve been doing a few talks and workshops recently on ways into publication for writers, and one of the Frequently Asked Questions is why work is turned down.
Obviously, there are the usual reasons to do with quality of submissions, suitability for a particular [...]

Distribution & Its Discontents

Like many of those involved in the Save Our Presses campaign, Staple Magazine relies on ad hoc and opportunistic strategies for getting itself onto the radar of potential readers and subscribers: events, as discussed in a post earlier this month, act as one such catalyst. Then there’s word of mouth, supportive efforts from existing readers and subscribers, [...]

What The Water Gave Me

I found myself in London again on the 17 June, visiting the Barbican‘s major new exhibition on the theme of Surrealism and architecture, The Surreal House, in which domestic and public spaces, ordinary interiors and furnishings are variously unsettled. Once again, looking at the products of this singularly lyrical movement, I was struck by how closely the best [...]

Workbooks & Textual Pleasures

An enigmatic header tonight, with a somewhat retro nod to Barthes, for a post prompted by a recent request from the excellent Brittle Star magazine to keep a ‘reader’s diary’ during the month of May 2010, for publication in a forthcoming issue. It’s been fascinating to read previous diaries in the series by Anna Robinson [...]

Events, Dear Boy, Events…

It’s Harold MacMillan who is credited (possibly apocryphally) with the above formula as an explanation to a journalist about why governments get blown off course, but it could just as well be taken as a description of a small publisher’s main preoccupation – after publishing itself. Going through all the editing, proofreading and design, and receiving the [...]

Nottingham Writers’ Studio

Nottingham Writers’ Studio
I was over at Nottingham Writers’ Studio on Thursday evening to listen to Susi O’Neill deliver the latest in a series of talks on subjects related to writing and publishing: as both the director of Digital Consultant and practising musician under the name Miss Hypnotique, O’Neill charted a wonderfully brisk and clear-eyed run through the [...]